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June 6


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70 years ago today my Grandad was on one of the first ships across the channel on a minesweeper. Like many he never talked about the war, except once. When asked if he wanted to go France for D-Day. His response 'No I bloody don't my memories of that awful day was dragging the wounded, dying, dead & parts of men out of the water'. He was 20 yrs old at the time.
R.I.P to all those that gave thier lives so we could live ours.
Poppy, 2 years since I last saw you, still miss you so much, love you always

People always ask me why I joined the Army, It so in my opinion I am doing something to prevent anything like that day happening again, and to remember my Grandad,

Jim Wheller, I still remember you and keep your diary and Medals close may you Rest In Peace

Toravich12 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
God bless all of those who served. We can never forget them.
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